Since its establishment, Josoor Institute has been always keen to work collaboratively with different organisations and institutions (referred to as partners) who possess local and international experience in the academic domain relating to sports and events industries.

Our prestigious partners are fully supportive of our goals and objectives related to education and training. They work closely with us to achieve high quality standards, which prepare our delegates for careers in the sports and events industries. In addition, our partners, provide expertise that contribute to knowledge sharing, consulting and research divisions. With this approach, we will bridge the gap between the enormous enthusiasm that exists in these sectors and the skills that currently exist in the region, ensuring we deliver a lasting legacy.

To work effectively with our partners and to ensure alignment, Josoor Institute has developed and implemented a partnership strategy and framework. Accordingly, the partners are classified into three main classifications:

  • Strategic Alliance Partners: Those who influence strategy and policy and are key in implementing Qatar’s Vision 2030.
  • Core Delivery Partners: Those who provide networking capabilities and brand value. These partners are also have alignment with two or more of our goals and objectives and are able to contribute in kind
  • Support Partners: Those who offer networking capabilities and brand value. Their goals are aligned with one of our goals and may contribute in kind
  • Service Partners: Those who have objectives that are aligned with our business objectives. They should be industry leaders in specific services, the use of which enhances our brand value.