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Acquiring the knowledge to succeed

Core to developing the sports and events industries is Josoor Institute’s role in providing world-class education to aspiring professionals who will contribute to the development of these sectors in Qatar and the wider Middle East and North Africa region. Our delegates will assist Qatar in the important task of delivering a superb 2022 FIFA World Cup™ and leading the way for other major sporting, cultural and leisure events to succeed in the country.

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Education, Training & Development

Professional Diplomas

Professional Diplomas

Josoor Institute offers Professional Diplomas designed to enhance the knowledge and skill sets of those hoping to pursue careers in the Sports Management or Events Management field, or those who already hold positions in these dynamic and exciting fields, wishing to advance their careers.

Our programmes are designed to offer delegates great flexibility for ease of completion.  Each programme consists of 6 modules that are offered in six, week long delivery blocks.  Both programmes can be completed within a 12 month timeframe.  

Diplomas in Sports Management and Major Events Management are awarded by Josoor Institute.   SDA Bocconi School of Management provides the academic content and endorsements for the programmes.  This endorsement ensures that, as the lead academic partner, SDA Bocconi School of Management, provides academic oversight to Josoor Institute for the programmes.

This academic oversight includes working with faculty to provide a rigorous course of study.  To ensure the quality and rigor of the programmes, the University manages the development and delivery of programme content, the selection of faculty, and all faculty and delegate assessments.

Sports Management

This programme focuses on various professional and management aspects of sports business. It introduces delegates to modern sports business and challenges them to debate and analyse its various aspects.  In addition, it also provides insights into managerial theories and their practical applications to the business of sports.

Module topics include:

  • Global context of sports

  • Digital and social media in sports

  • Public relations and communications in sports

  • Sports broadcasting

  • Marketing and sponsorship in sports

  • Events management and venue operations

  • Sports finance

  • Capstone simulation in sports

Major Events Management

This programme provides an outstanding learning opportunity with insights from industry experts and academics for delegates who are keen on pursuing a long term career in the sports and events industries.  It will assist the learner in developing expertise in how to conceptualise, organise and execute large scale events.

Module topics include:

  • Contemporary issues in events management

  • Marketing and sponsorship for events management

  • Public relations, sponsorship and communications for events management

  • Applied professional practice for events management

  • Entrepreneurship and enterprise in events

  • Volunteer management

  • Event management and venue operations

  • Events evaluation, impact and legacy

  • Business strategies for events professional

  • Capstone simulation in major events management

Admissions Requirements

Diploma Programmes – Applicants who have completed a college diploma or university degree are admissible to the diploma programmes.

Programme Requirements

Diploma Programmes – Delegates are required to attend and actively participate in a minimum of 80% of the modules.  At the end of every module, they must complete a graded assignment. They must complete a Capstone project at the end of the programme. 

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Professional Development Workshops

Professional Development Workshops

Our professional development workshops are two to three day workshops that provide foundational knowledge on a thematic subject and are delivered by leading practitioners, professional body representatives and academics. As a first step they aim to inform and inspire delegates about the opportunities presented by the 2022 FIFA World CupTM and the sports and events industries.

Executive Development

Executive Development

Josoor Institute facilitates high-level discussion and debate, featuring international experts, to create a platform for transformational industry change. Aimed at very senior industry professionals, we create a space where ideas can be exchanged and new perspectives explored.

Josoor Institute’s leadership programmes are designed and delivered with world leading partners. Each brings an element that one alone would not be able to deliver.

Executive and bespoke programmes include:

Leadership - Lessons from Sport: Leadership Development Workshop

This executive development workshop is case study based for senior level management looking at best practices from government, industry, sports and events to help develop leaders for the Middle East and North Africa sports industry. The workshop being delivered in partnership with LeadersTM, who organise inspiring events for the professional world of sport by searching for the best content, attracting the best people and spreading the best insights. The workshop focuses on areas such as personal leadership and management, peak performance organisations, leading innovation, high performing teams and managing talent.

Football Executive Programme

A five to eight week bespoke programme developing both the international football business management knowledge and leadership acumen for football industry professionals in partnership with Liverpool University and Georgetown University.

Management and Leadership Core Competencies

A week long executive development programme in partnership with prestigious University partners aimed at developing a variety of skills related to leadership development including; strategic thinking, , business acumen, human resource management, enhance entrepreneurship, communication skills, customer experience, project management and financial management.



Knowledge is for sharing

To facilitate information-sharing across the MENA region, Josoor Institute holds three to four hour sessions for sports and events industries professionals. These are led by international practitioners, representatives of professional bodies and academics. They provide foundational knowledge on a thematic subject. These are unassessed programmes and are focused on specific subjects.

Master-classes include bespoke sessions delivered for partners and include topics such as ‘Working with the Media’ and ‘Community Engagement’. The latter master-class, for example, could cover an active case study, explanation of the marketing programme which leverages community engagement to drive game day sales and the planning process which ensures the community engagement strategy is successful.

Executive Networking

Executive Networking

Our executive networking sessions have been established to bring together the region’s most talented individuals to one room.

The sessions provide a unique opportunity for senior level executives to meet, share knowledge, learn new and innovative solutions to their business challenges and build relationships at the highest level.

The sessions typically involve an international case study, roundtable discussions and a networking forum.

Whether you are interested in pursuing a particular opportunity or just looking to connect with others in your industry, our executive networking sessions are the answer.



Reaching out to new talent

Our outreach days are the ideal way to find out more about the opportunities for careers within the sports and events industries – what kinds of skills are required, what is involved and what qualifications are needed.

They are usually held prior to a short course and give an insight into the sports and events world. Students have the opportunity to learn first-hand from experts about what it takes to achieve a successful career in the industry and ask questions and discuss their individual interests.

Practical Simulation

Practical Simulation

Gain hands on experience

Our programme of practical simulations enables junior, middle and senior managers to experience real life situations they would meet in the workplace and gain specific practical skills (such as venue security, ticketing and media management). The delivery format includes simulated work experience exercises and practical assessment.Our programme of practical simulations enables junior, middle and senior managers to experience real life situations they would meet in the workplace and gain specific practical skills (such as venue security, ticketing and media management). The delivery format includes simulated work experience exercises and practical assessment.