Fans are an important and integral part of sport in Qatar, as spectators, consumers and participants. As the country works towards achieving its goals for sport, as highlighted in the Vision 2030, building and sustaining fan engagement is a key priority for government, representative associations, events and clubs. At one level, fans are acknowledged as being co-producers in sport as they help in creating atmosphere and the consumer experience at sporting venues. At another level, fans generate revenues that are important in sustaining sport organisations. Engagement also plays a role in terms of, for instance, helping to prompting participation in sport, supporting social cohesion, and promoting a ‘feel good’ factor. As such, building and sustaining fan engagement does not just have economic and financial significance, but also significance in terms of society, culture, health and national identity. Josoor Institute is therefore investigating and analysing fan engagement in the Qatari and MENA region sport. More specifically, the research will identify what motivates sports fan engagement, on what basis fans engage with sport, and what the outcomes are of sports fan engagement.

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