Josoor Institute’s goal is to provide world-class education to professionals who will contribute to the development of the sports and events industries in Qatar, the Middle East and North Africa region, and worldwide. Selected Delegates will directly assist Qatar in delivering a superb FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, leading the way for other major sporting, cultural and leisure events to succeed in the country in the following decades.

Josoor Institute’s Professional Diploma Programmes and other educational offering are designed to strategically enhance the knowledge and skill sets of the Delegates through a blend of academic and hands-on experience developed in collaboration with senior faculty and practitioners from the sports and events industries.

Professional Diploma Programme

Josoor Institute offers Professional Diploma Programmes designed to enhance the knowledge and skill sets of those hoping to pursue careers in the Sports Management or Events Management field, or those who already hold positions in these dynamic and exciting fields, wishing to advance their careers.


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Specialised Trainings

Josoor creates specialised trainings tailored to the specific requirements of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ and, more in general, covering hospitality, protocol, guest management, marketing and other sectors of importance in the sports and events industries.

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