Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub is central to achieving Josoor Institute’s goals of producing and sharing information for the benefit of the sports and events industries in the region and advising partners and organisations on related issues and areas of best practice. It demonstrates our commitment to creating a knowledge-based economy for the future.

Knowledge creation and sharing is a catalyst for the growth of the region’s sports and events industries. The Knowledge Hub will be the centralised source for all of our knowledge, insight and intellectual property, classified and categorised to create output for specific areas.

Through the Knowledge Hub, we will add value to our partners and members by providing them with timely and relevant information that is not available elsewhere in the region. It will enable us to refine and improve our education and training products and capture output from our programmes and allow our partners and members to make better decisions within the sports and events industry. This ability to make better decisions will be key for the growth of the sectors, as well as the individual performance of organisations and individuals within.

The information is and will be gathered from a wide variety of sources, both internal and external, and includes commissioned research and information gathered from interviews, surveys, forums and round tables.