Josoor Institute's Annual Report 2019

13 May 2020

I am pleased to share Josoor Institute's Annual Report 2019, including highlights on our key programmes and activities. The conclusion of the third cohort of the Professional Diploma programme in Sports Management and Major Events Management in December brought the total number of our graduates to 252. Our Executive Development Programme for senior managers in the sports and events industries in Qatar was once again successfully delivered in three countries. The demand for our professional development workshops grows each year, while practitioners from AS Roma, Real Madrid, Arsenal, UEFA and other leading sports organizations have strengthened our delegates' international professional networks. One of the workshops was successfully delivered in Oman. Josoor Institute’s research is generating greater understanding and insights in the sports and events domains continues. 


As I share the Annual Report 2019, I really cannot forget the first months of 2020, which have been and still are challenging for everyone, everywhere and in every sector of the economy and society. In line with other leading education and training organisations worldwide amid the COVID-19 emergency, Josoor Institute stepped up its capacity and continued to deliver world-class education to its delegates online. I would like to congratulate my team and our partner SDA Bocconi School of Management for all their efforts. As I emphasized in a recent post, online learning for Josoor Institute not only an imperative dictated by the current circumstances, but also, more broadly, a strategic opportunity to pursue in the years ahead. Stay tuned!

Wishing you all health, safety and continued success. 

Best regards,

Afraa Al-Noaimi

Executive Director

Josoor Institute